Sunday, April 5, 2009

Party Pictures

These are pictures from Greg's birthday party last week.Sabine likes to wear her bell as a hat!
The girls! Elsabe, Marthe, Sabine, me and Ingrid
Preparing the horn quartet to play a birthday arrangment for Greg.

I bought Greg Corona and Red Stripe for his birthday... my two favorite beers which cost nearly $7 each here in Norge.

Monday, March 23, 2009


This is for dad and anyone else who wondered what Sabine looks like:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mom's Visit

So mom came and went. This morning was interesting... I had a flight for a gig at 9:20 and mom's flight to Amsterdam was at 9:50. We arrived really late somehow and I had to just grab mom for a quick hug and run out. It was a little depressing really. But life goes on! Here are some pictures from our adventure:We went to Stockholm on Thursday. We had a really nice time even though it was really cold and our hostel was made for babies. We walked into our room and it was about the size of a bathroom in a normal house. So after mom insisted we're moved into a bigger room (which wasn't that much bigger... just big enough to fit 4 beds in, instead of only 2) we decided we were done with that place. Thank god for Best Western, because that hotel we moved into was god sent. So besides that, we ate well, went on a nice scenic boat ride, hung out in the old city, and went to an AMAZING vegetarian buffet.
This was the view of the Old City of Stockholm from the Vegetarian Restaurant.
This is Vigeland's Park. I thought this was an appropriate picture because this was one of the first times in the past 6 weeks the sun had shown up. The statues were really happy.
Mom and I took the subway up to the top of a local hill to see Oslo better and got this winter wonderland. Too bad it was COLD.
Mom is standing next to some of the 18th/19th century apartment houses in the Norwegian Folk Museum. Probably the biggest waste of money on earth... except the clothing part of it is cool. Oh and the shoes mom is wearing... the sole starting falling off around this time... 2 hours later it was totally separated. RIP mom's hiking boots.

So, as you can see, we did A LOT in a little time. Only one day maybe did we waste some time. But it was really great to see momma and to finally get her over to Europe. We'll be back together soon!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Never fear...

If the opera 'Wozzeck' is playing by Berg... count me out.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Berlin Trip

Berlin Phil under the direction of Sir Simon Rattle
Me and Sarah Willis, low horn player for the Phil
Radek Baborak, solo horn
Stefan Dorh, solo horn
Stefan Jezierski, high horn

Friday, January 30, 2009


Berliner Dom.
Not such an interesting picture, just trying to capture the difference between American big cities and European big cities. It's not about tall buildings in Europe, but they do have a few.

This was how close I was to Stefan Dohr and Sarah Willis. NO KIDDING.
Brandenburg Tur. Such a famous symbol in German history. It really is hard to believe how much history not only this country, but this city has.
The famous Berlin TV tower.

MORE XMAS PICS- Thuem, Leipzig, Esslingen, GERMANY

This is a small town outside of Chemnitz in eastern Germany that I visited. A lot of... nothing. This is in the 'Ore Mountains.'
The Thomas Kirche, where Bach worked many years writing music.
Me and Teresa... hahaha. I believe this was taken during her big family bowling night. I think our combined score was around 100...
Esslingen! Where mom's side of the family is from. Beautiful little city.